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Better Know a Black

Presenting the first black_family challenge: Better Know a Black! This is just to get us started and get those bunnies hopping and also to give you an idea of what kinds of fic/art we’re looking for!

We’ll take more than one submission for any of these as long as it’s a different genre or until I bend the rules. Fic and art are both welcome.


1. Isla Black/Bob Hitchens (fic claimed by shaggydogstail)
2. Orion/Walburga –OMFG my new OTP! (crack/humour fic claimed by mauvaise_etoile)
3. Regulus-centric fic (angst fic claimed by michablack, post-Potter death fic involving Remus by pen_ink, death!fic claimed by jetpants)
4. Blackcest pairing of your choosing (Bella/Sirius fic claimed by danii_ellie, Sirius/Sirius/Sirius crack!fic claimed by miss_sophia Regulus/Sirius fic claimed by fujinsama)
5. Bellatrix/Rodolfus/Narcissa
6. Sirius leaving his family (fic claimed by imogeneblack and statelines)
7. Arcturus/Lysandra
8. Marius-centric fic (dark fic claimed by melandry and also claimed by schwarzbrille for angst)
9. Children of Charis/Caspar Crouch -centric fic
10. The “original” Sirius Black (b. 1845) (art claimed by grrliz journal fic claimed by lostrocket)
11. Creation of the Black Family Tapestry
12. Draco-centric fic
13. Phineas Nigellus/Ursula

Please keep in mind that if you see something not listed here, that’s OK. This community is open to all submissions; the challenge is just to get the ball rolling! This is just a list of stuff yours truly is writhing to see.

After the challenge is over, I will create a master list of all submissions.

Comment below if you’re claiming any of these (along with whether it's art or fic and which pairings if applicable) All submissions should be completed by March 31. (Aw, aren’t I nice giving you lots of time?) When posting, in addition to the usual rules, please tag your entry as “Better Know a Black”. Thanks and happy writing and drawing!
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