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This is a community for fanfic and fanart that is centered around one or more members of the Black family. Please note that this is for FICTIONAL characters. Please heed all warnings posted on all pieces.

Layout done by the fantabulous lothlorienbaby

Icons by the scumdiddlyumpcious rockin16 via puckher

What is allowed?

Fanfic and fanart that is Black family centric. This means any blood relative of the Black family.

You want to submit a Narcissa/Snape story? Fine.
You want to submit a Lucius/Snape story? Not fine, because Lucius is not a blood relative of the Blacks (as far as we know!).
You want to submit a drawing of Sirius/Remus? Fine (and highly encouraged ;D ).
You want to submit a Neville-centric fic? Not fine, because we have no proof he is related (unless your fic deals with his lineage stemming from someone on this tree).

While “normal” characters and pairings are welcome, we encourage you to branch out and explore all realms of the Black Family Tree. We all love Sirius (OK, at least I do!), but this isn’t meant to be another Sirius-centric community. The moderator will love you though if you write/draw Sirius smut for her. Ahem. We know there is some Orion/Walburga or Cygnus/Violetta romance fic waiting to be written.

Who is the mysterious son of Charlus and Dorea Potter? Why don’t you write a fic about him?

Dying to know what Harfang Longbottom looks like? Why don’t you draw a picture of him?

Why did Isla Black marry a Muggle called Bob Hitchens and get herself blasted off the Tree for it? You know what to do: write a fic about it!

Any genres and pairings are welcome, just be sure to follow the rules for posting below.

The Obligatory Rules

To give me peace of mind, please ensure that your submissions have minimally the following before the cut:


All art and fic over 100 words should be placed behind a cut or link. If your fic is 100 words of less and contains adult content, it also must be placed behind a cut or a link.

And to put up a veneer of responsibility, please, please if you’re underage use discretion!

Please be respectful of all members! I reserve the right to delete any posts or comments, which are unrelated and/or inappropriate.

I've opened membership because I just don't have time to really keep up with this comm anymore, so it's a free for all. However, if I do see anything not appropriate, it will be deleted.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave ‘em here or e-mail me. I am a very lovely person who promises not to bite hard.

If you're utterly confused, start here:
Black Family Tree


JKR has given fandom a massive amount of information with which to run rampant. We have virtually no information on most of them. She even said herself on the top of the Family Tree that “there are many stories between the lines”. Go have fun exploring these new characters!

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